Jamie Ennes will vote yes on Ballot 6A for the Pine River Library on November 6, 2018

Why I Will Vote YES on measure 6A in November

When we moved here four years ago, one of the first things we did was find the Pine River Library. Both my wife and I were surprised to discover how many resources and services are packed into that space!

The array of books and other publications you can find–in all kinds of formats–is terrific, especially when you consider the additional materials you can request from other libraries. We always seem to have at least three or four books checked out at a time. We’ve also been amazed at the programming the library offers the community. The organization really knows how to host presentations, classes and activities that can interest everyone in greater Bayfield.

In our early days as Coloradans, though, the library really saved us. We moved here at the end of a cold December, and the workers we hired to install our internet dish located it right where snow and ice falls off our roof. You can guess what happened–the dish did not last long. You may also be able to guess what happened next. It took MONTHS–not days, not even weeks–for the company to come out and fix it.

While we worked to divorce that internet provider, we were at the library using the Business Center often. The bank of computers saved my wife’s job (she works online) and helped us stay connected with others while we got settled in Bayfield.

I will always support the Pine River Library. Join me in voting YES to keep our library strong on November 6th.

— Jamie Enns

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